What to use to clean the stripper pole?

Cleaning a stripper pole can be essential to maintaining its look and performance – but what to use to clean it?

Using the right cleaning products and techniques can help keep your pole looking and feeling new, no matter how much you use it.

Finding suitable materials to clean with can be tricky, but this article will explore what to use to get the best results.

What to use to clean the stripper pole

What can I clean my pole dancing pole with?

You have many options for cleaning the pole, and here are some of the best choices:

A towel or microfiber cloth:

A damp towel or microfiber cloth can remove sweat, body oils, and dirt from the pole.

Thanks to the towel’s absorbent fibers, it will also help to remove any remaining moisture from the pole.

Just don’t forget your bucket of soapy water – after all, you can’t just use the towel alone!

Wet Wipes

You can use wet wipes instead of a towel or a piece of cloth, it’s a matter of choice, and if you prefer the convenience of wet wipes, they can do the job.

However, I wouldn’t say I like to use wet wipes to clean my stripper pole, and I prefer using a towel because that way, I don’t have to use a lot of wipes and can save money.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is an excellent option for cleaning your pole dancing pole as it will remove grease and other residues from the surface.

Just make sure to rinse it off with water afterward so that any soap residue doesn’t ruin the performance or look of your pole.

This is a perfect option for removing sticky residues from the pole and will help keep it looking new.

Pure Alcohol

You can also use pure alcohol to clean your pole dancing pole.

Alcohol is an effective cleaning agent, and it will help remove dirt, grease, and other residues from the pole.

Just make sure to use a soft cloth when applying the alcohol, and be careful not to damage the surface of your pole.


Another good option for cleaning your pole dancing pole is acetone.

Acetone is a powerful solvent that can help remove stubborn stains and other residues from the surface of your pole.

However, it’s essential to be careful when using acetone because it can damage some surfaces if used in excess.


Believe it or not, vodka can also clean the pole.

Just pour a little bit of vodka on a soft cloth and use it to wipe down the pole.

Vodka will help remove grease, sweat, and other residues from the surface of your pole and leave it looking and feeling like new.

Spray for glass

Lastly, you can also use a spray for glass and metal to clean your pole.

These sprays are designed specifically for cleaning surfaces like glass and metal, which makes them ideal for cleaning the dancing pole.

Just read the instructions on the bottle before applying it to your pole so that you don’t damage the surface.


Using a solution of equal parts vinegar and water is another excellent way to clean the pole – if it’s not metal, of course.

The Vinegar will help remove grease, sweat, and other residues from the surface while also helping to kill any germs or bacteria that may be present.

I have to admit that I never tried Vinegar to clean my dance pole, but I learned it from a dear friend of mine, and it worked perfectly for her.

Who would know that something like apple cider vinegar can be so helpful when cleaning a pole dancing pole? she even removed a mole with it – but she is a little crazy.

Rinse it with water afterward so that any vinegar residue doesn’t damage the pole.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an excellent choice for removing sweat and body oils from the pole, but it should be used sparingly as it can damage the finish of your pole over time.

You should also make sure to use rubbing alcohol that contains at least 70% alcohol, as this will ensure that you are using a strong enough solution to get the job done.

Just be careful not to overdo it, as excessive use of rubbing alcohol can cause permanent damage to the finish of your pole.

Remember always to check the manufacturer’s instructions before you use any cleaner on your pole

Using the wrong type of cleaner can damage the surface of your pole and result in costly repairs.

So it’s best to play it safe and use the right product for the job!

Now you know a few of my naughty tricks for keeping my pole clean, so give them a try.

I promise your pole will look brand new in no time!

Just remember to be careful when cleaning your pole dancing pole so that you don’t accidentally cause any damage to it.

In conclusion

So if you read my article until here, now you know what to use to clean your stripper dance pole!

There are many ways to clean your pole dancing pole, depending on its surface.

Regardless of the type of cleaner you use, read all instructions before applying it, and always check with the manufacturer to ensure that their product is suitable for cleaning the pole.

I hope this article helped teach you some naughty tricks for keeping your pole clean!

Don’t forget to read my other blog posts for tips and advice on pole dancing.

How do you clean your dance pole? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, happy dancing!

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