When Was the Stripper Pole Invented?

When was the stripper pole invented? Was it in a dark, seedy club? Or was it in a more public setting, like a stage show?

Either way, the stripper pole has become synonymous with sensuality and sexiness.

But where did this erotic fixture come from? First, let’s take a look at the history of the stripper pole.

The stripper pole was invented in the late 1800s

The stripper pole is an iconic symbol of naughty nightlife.

It may come as a surprise that contraption has a long history since as far back as 800 years ago!

The ancient Indian sport of Mallakhamba relies on strength and endurance with a wooden pole much more comprehensive than today’s standard models.

The Chinese also had a pole of their own, believed to have originated in the 12th century.

Instead of one pole, they used two poles on which practitioners do incredible “gravity-defying” tricks at heights of up to twenty feet.

When Was the Stripper Pole Invented?

The first recorded use of a stripper pole in America was in the gay nineties

Pole dancing in the USA has its roots in the saucy and risqué “Little Egypt” of the 1890s, featuring exotic “Kouta Kouta” or “Hoochie Coochie” belly dances from Ghawazi performers.

The 1890s are not called “the gay nineties” for nothing, but still, women were expected to dress modestly at the time, but these dancers dressed in short skirts and flashy jewelry sure did cause a stir!

The 1920s saw pole dancers taking their routines to new levels by seductively twirling around those wooden tent poles – a mesmerizing spectacle bound to draw in huge crowds!

So thank you, dear Egypt dancers – no, for nothing The Bangles say we should walk like Egyptians!

And then came “The King”: Thank you, Elvis Presley!

The 1950s saw the Rock and Roll music revolution, widening the introduction of the stripper pole to a larger audience after Elvis Presley’s iconic “Jailhouse Rock” music video came out in 1957 –

Even today, more than 60 years later, people still can’t forget about the video and the buzz it made-

And honestly, who can forget it? Elvis is so young and sexy there, and you can’t stop looking at his signature hip-swiveling moves and some daring pole slides, grinds, and twirls!

Stripper poles became popular in nightclubs

The birth of the nightclub strip tease is often traced to the 1960s when stripping suddenly became popular in clubs across the country.

While artists like Gypsy Rose Lee were already sparking excitement and discussion in theatres around America, it was in the more risqué environment of the nightclub that these moves finally caught on…

Bringing with them an extra special item: the stripper pole!

Suddenly bolder, brasher moves could be made, letting dancers explore their inner vixen and heighten the erotic atmosphere of a night out.

The stripper pole has become a symbol of wildness and fun – even for those who aren’t looking to take off any clothes – and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down!

From nightclubs – to the bedroom

The 90s saw the rise of pole dancing as a legitimate art, thanks to a woman called Fawnia Mondey – the world’s first-ever pole dancing teacher.

Of course, what started as an art form then quickly became a popular recreational activity and sport, with participants performing their twirls, slides, and grinds in sensual and athletic ways.

So thank you, Fawnia, if you are reading this!

Maybe you didn’t invent the stripper pole – but you did make it accessible to everyone, and that has given many of us a chance to express our naughty side in a fun and safe way – be it in a nightclub or even in the bedroom.

So if you’ve been thinking about adding a little bit of naughty fun to your bedroom routine, look no further!

Today, stripper poles are used for exercise, entertainment, and even competitions

Today’s stripper poles aren’t just for stripping anymore!

Nowadays, it seems like everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to those looking to have a little naughty fun, can find something to appreciate in these spinning metal rods.

Exercise classes on the stripper pole offer an exciting way to stay in shape, and many pole dancers are even entering competitions to show off their impressive skills and choreography.

Whether you’re looking for a new workout routine or want to add excitement to your life, this modern twist on an old activity is sure to deliver.

So maybe it’s time to give the stripper pole a little respect.

After all, this naughty piece of furniture has come a long way since its humble beginnings!

Who knows what the future holds for the stripper pole – only time will tell!

Oh, the stripper pole. It’s been on the dance floor for years, became a great workout tool, and even gained respect from the mainstream.

It’s no longer just a naughty piece of furniture – it’s an essential part of the dance and the workout scene.

And it’s not about to disappear any time soon!

Who knows just how far this beloved stripper pole will go? Will we be viewing professional pole athletes competing in the Olympics somewhere down the line?

Or will pole dancing become a hot new fitness trend seen at gyms around the globe?

It’s tantalizing to think of all of the possibilities that await us!

All we know is that this sexy piece of furniture has managed to stay right in the middle of our raunchy fun – so no matter what comes next, you can bet it’ll be a wild ride!

In conclusion

So now you know all about when was the stripper pole invented and the history behind it.

As you can see, the stripper pole has come a long way from its naughty beginnings and evolved into something appreciated by everyone – from professionals to recreational dancers.

It’s no longer just a piece of furniture but an essential part of our lives that brings excitement into any space.

So if you’re ready to add a bit of naughty fun to your life, it’s time to get acquainted with the stripper pole.

Who knows what kind of wild moves you’ll be showing off in no time!

For more information, please visit my other blog posts – you’ll find lots more information and tips on pole dancing.

Feel free to leave me a comment or question – I’m always happy to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, and happy pole dancing!

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